Tunics N Garments

While there are many, many pattern drafting techniques you can use in turning your basic block into a stunning fashion, there are a few basics that you’ll use again and again.

Manipulating darts – to move them where ever you want them, or change them into attractive shaping seams – and “slashing and spreading” your pattern to add fullness are two of the most commonly used methods of drafting a pattern.

With these 2 basic pattern drafting techniques, you can achieve ANY shape you desire!

Want a full sleeve?  Slash and spread!

Want a skirt with a yoke at the waist?  Move the waist darts!  (yes, really!)

If you want a pleated skirt with a yoke at the waist, you’d use both techniques – and this is very common.

In fact, once you learn what you can do by manipulating darts and slashing your patterns, you’ll come up with design ideas you’d never thought of!=